Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) came into being through Ministry of Education’s Resolution No.F.18/75-LB dated 07 July 1976 as an autonomous organization under Ministry of Education. The functions of Academy were determined through Ministry of Education’s Resolutions No. F.15-4/78-LB dated 01 February and 08 October 1978. Broadly speaking, its two immediate tasks were;

To devise projects and programmes to promote and advance literary activities in the country and to look after the welfare of the writers’ community.

In pursuance of Supreme Court judgment in PLD 1990 SC 612, Establishment Division, vide their O. M. No. 4/1/91-R.7/R.3 dated 06 September 2000, formulated the policy with regard to autonomous bodies established through resolutions.
In the light of above decision the status of PAL was determined as “Sub-ordinate Office” and the Chairman, PAL was declared as Head of Department vide Ministry of Education’s Notification dated December 29, 2004.
However, keeping in view the objectives of the Academy and effective discharge of its functions, the administrative Ministry (Ministry of Education) considered it necessary, in the public interest, to maintain the status of the Academy as an autonomous body. Accordingly, in compliance with the above mentioned judgment of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and guidelines issued by the Establishment Division, a draft Act was prepared by Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage.
After completing all codal formalities and procedure, the Act of Pakistan Academy of Letters has finally been assented by the Honourable President of Pakistan and notified through Gazette of Pakistan in March, 2013.

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