Learned Bodies

In order to give impetus to the promotion of literature and literary activities in the country, the PAL provides annual grant to the following literary bodies of the country through the Academy:

  1. Anjuman-e-Tarraqi-e-Urdu, Karachi
  2. Institute of Islamic Culture, Lahore
  3. Punjabi Adabi Board, Lahore
  4. Sindhi Adabi Board, Karachi
  5. Pushto Academy, Peshawar
  6. Balochi Academy, Quetta
  7. Pakistan Writers’ Guild, Karachi
  8. Institute of Sindhology, Jamshoro
  9. Urdu Academy, Lahore
  10. Shah Wali Ullah Academy, Hyderabad
  11. Majlis Waris Shah, Multan
  12. Idara-e-Yadgar-e-Ghalib, Karachi
  13. Brahvi Adabi Society, Quetta
  14. Saraiki Adabi Majlis, Bahawalpur
  15. Sindhi Language Authority, Karachi
  16. Nazrul Academy, Karachi
  17. Saraiki Adabi Board, Multan
  18. Anjuman-e-Tarraqi-e-Khawar, Chitral
  19. Pushto Academy Baluchistan, Quetta

These bodies organize literary programme and publish books out of grant provided to them through PAL. They also submit their Audit Accounts to PAL by end of financial years.

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