2-day National Conference on “The Role of Writers in National Harmony”, AJK

“Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) is fully agreed with the operation “Radd-ul-fasaad” and playing its role in an impressive way in it”, these were the views of Prof Dr Muhammad Qasim Bughio chairman PAL in his presiding speech during the inaugural ceremony of 2-day National Conference on “The Role of Writers in National Harmony” which was held at Muzaffarabaad, Azad Jammu & Kashmir. He also talked about the other national conferences which are going to be organized by PAL in the other cities of Pakistan like Landi Kotal, Gilgit Baltistan, Bara Gali, and Multan including Muzaffarabad. Chairman PAL said that the main objective of these conferences is to get awareness and benefitted out of the worthy views of local and national writers, poets, intellectuals and critics.

These conferences will provide platform to all writers and intellectuals to sit together and get the solution of abolishing terrorism and hatred from the homeland while doing dialogue and figuring out the main culprit of it. At the end of all these conferences, a resolution will be passed in the light of the opinions and views of the writers and intellectuals and will be proposed to the Government of Pakistan. This is the only way to get rid of terrorism from the motherland. He further stated that literature has always far-reaching positive and healthy effects on society and through literature negative views of the individuals of any society can be changed into positive ones.

In this Conference, writers from AJK and other cities of Pakistan, like Saad Ullah Shah, Ms Aeysha Masood, Najam uddin Ahmad, Madad Ali Sindhi, Farooq Sarwar, Habib Mohana, and Prof. Muhammad Rafiq Bhatti presented their papers according to the theme of the conference.

Shah Ghulam Qadir, Speaker Legislative Assembly of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, in his presiding address of the concluding ceremony of the conference expressed his views that the development of any language is closely associated with the promotion of culture of its society. Unless the culture flourishes, a language cannot nurture/grow. Literature and culture are harmonized and linked together and this association/connection should be acknowledged at national level for which writers should come forward and struggle to achieve the goal.

Further, he said that we should take steps for the promotion of literature. The writers of Kashmir are highlighting the national harmony and promotion of peace through their writings. He further said, as all the Kashmirees have been given numerous sacrifices for the sake of national unity, harmony and peace and In Sha Allah we will be fighting the war of our freedom and rights till end. But the crucial need of the hour is to include us in the chain of other provinces of Pakistan. The role of Kashmir in national harmony will be exemplary and the elegant way of doing it could be through literature. For this purpose it is necessary to promote Kashmiri literature, language and culture as well as Kashmiri literature should be translated into other Pakistani languages so that the voice of our heart may get echoed to all Pakistani people through the translations and literature.

Through the promotion of literature, we can put an end to all the abhorrence and annoyance among people and will be successful in creating an atmosphere of brotherhood, love and unity. He stated that we can finish this terrorism and abomination from our society by doing literary and cultural activities, as literature always influences a society. In this session Hafeez khan, Doctor Irshad Shakir, Doctor Manzoor wisryo, Ijaz Naumani, and Dr Zafar Hussain Zafar presented their papers according to the theme of the conference.

Later, in collaboration with Jammu & Kashmir Cultural Academy, a colorful cultural show was organized which was conducted by Hassan Abbas Raza.

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