• Prof. Dr. Muhammad Qasim Bughio
Dr. Muhammad Qasim Bughio is a renowned Educator, Social Scientist and Research Scholar of international repute working on Language, Literature, Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Education, Pakistan Studies and Socio-cultural Anthropology. He has served University of Sindh from 23rd April 1977 till 31-12-2013 (till retirement on superannuation) at various positions including Pro-vice Chancellor, Dean of the Faculty, Director/Chair Professor MKB Chair. He has worked as Chairman Sindhi Language Authority (BPS-22) on deputation from 1-8-2001 to 16-2-2005. Dr Bughio, throughout his career has been promoting a liberal and democratic culture of Pakistan that portrays peace, universal brotherhood, tolerance, unity in diversity and pluralism among various communities through lectures, discussions, dialogues and writings in print and electronic media outlets.

He has been industrious, hardworking as well as regular reader of books on History, Literature, Sociology and Culture. He was elected as President of Sindhi Adabi Society and President of General Union of Departmental Societies of University of Sindh in 1976. Dr. Bughio has obtained his BA from Govt. College Larkana, MA (Sindhi 1976), L.L.B (1978) and MA (Journalism 1980) from University of Sindh, PhD (1994) in Language and Linguistics, University of Essex, England and Post Doctorate (2005) University of London.

Professor Bughio’s interest in Sociolinguistics and Language Planning stems from his study of Urdu-Sindhi relationship and languages in contact at University of Essex, where he carried out his research under the supervision of Professor Peter Trudgill (F.B.A), Professor Martin Atkinson and Dr. Rachael Harris. He is convinced that an understanding of language with relation to education and society is an enormous help in solving many human problems, especially in multilingual and multiethnic societies for the development of education and human mind.

He has been associated with many institutions as member, scholar and expert on different committees as well as on Board of Governors like as; HEC, Sindhi Adabi Board, Sindhi Language Authority, Institute of Sindhology, Sindh Public Service Commission, University of Karachi, Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad etc. He has been helping research scholars working on the subjects related to culture, sociology, language, linguistics, literature, language planning and education in Pakistan. He is approved guide for M.Phil leading to Ph.D degree in Language, Literature, Linguistics, Sociolinguistics and other related disciplines.

He has supervised and completed many research projects. Reviewed, edited and produced the work of many authors, including 1.Formation of Language Policy of Pakistan carried out at SOAS, London (2012) 2. Urdu-Sindhi Dictionary (2003), 3. Sindhi-English Dictionary (2004), 4. Dictionary of Sociology (2004), 5. History of Sindhi Literature (3 vols) (2004), 6. History of Sindhi Language and Literature (2004), 7. Comparative study of Dr. Baloch and Dr. Sandeelo’s works on Folklore (2004). He is the author of four original research books: 1. Shakhsa ain Aksa (2012), Sindhica Academy, Karachi 2. “A Comparative Sociolinguistics Study of Rural and Urban Sindhi” (2001) LINCOM EUROPA Germany, “Sociolinguistics of Sindhi” (2004) Pakistan Edition LINCOM EUROPA. 3. “Sindhi Language: Linguistics to Sociolinguistics” (1998), Sindhica Academy Karachi, 4. “Biography of Mirza Kaleech Beg” (1984), Institute of Sindhology, for University Grants Commission.

More than 25- books and journals have been edited, compiled, reviewed and produced by him. He has participated in more than 50-National & International Conferences in and outside country by presenting papers and have organized many many National and International conferences from various platforms. He has also produced 07-PhD and 01 M.Phil scholars on various topics of Language & Literature.

In recognition of his services, research work and illustriously meritorious achievements to the cause of language, literature and education in general and University of Sindh in particular, he was bestowed with Presidential award of Tamgha-i-Imtiaz (2009). 1. XIXth Star Award 2008 by South Asia Publication in July 2009. 2. Star Laureate 2008 by South Asia Publication in July 2009. He was awarded “Shield of Recognition” by University of Sindh (1988), C.O.T Scholarship Government of Pakistan (1989). Sir Charles Wallace Scholarship U.K (1993). “Gold Medal” by University of Sindh (1996) and “Gold Medal” by Sindh Graduates Association (2000). Enlisted in the 10th edition of Bibliography of Literary theory, Criticism and Philology, by Joseph Angel Gracia Landa, University of Zarogoza, Spain, 2005. Enlisted in World Linguist List in 2002. His works have been cited and acknowledged by many reputed authors and Encyclopedias in and out side the country. Post Doctoral Fellowship was awarded to him by University of Sindh in 2005.

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