Board of Governors

The first Board of Governors was established in 1978. The members of the BOG are changed by the Government of Pakistan every year. Men of letters from all provinces; one representative each from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Information, Broadcasting & National Heritage, Ministry of Finance, Higher Education Commission and All Pakistan Publishers Association sit on the board. The Chairman of the Academy heads the Board while the Director General acts as Secretary/Member.

The Current members of Board of Governors, as envisaged under Section-4 of Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) Act-2013 are;

  1. Prof. Dr. M Qasim Bughio, Chairman PAL
  2. Joint Secretary, Ministry of Information, Broadcasting & National Heritage
  3. One representative of Ministry of Finance
  4. Dr. Mubina Talat, HEC
  5. Dr. Asghar Nadeem Syed (Punjab),
  6. Mr. Amar Jalil (Sindh),
  7. Dr. Nazir Tabassum (Kyber Pakhtun Khawa),
  8. Dr. Abdul Razzaq Sabir (Balochistan),
  9. Chief Secretary, Govt. of Gilgit-Baltistan
  10. Dr. Waheed Ahmed (Islamabad),
  11. Prof. Aslam Khan Taseer (FATA/FANA),
  12. Mr. Muhammad Haneef (Man of Letter of English Language)
  13. Mr. Mubeen Mirza (Man of Letter of Urdu Language)
  14. Dr. Sughra Sadaf (Punjabi Language),
  15. Ghafar Tabassum(Sindhi Language),
  16. Prof. Dr. Nasrullah Khan Wazir (Pashto Language),
  17. Munir Ahmed Badeni (Balochi Language),
  18. Hafeez Khan (Saraiki Language),
  19. Arif Zia (Brahvi Language)
  20. Akbar Hussain Akbar (Khawar/Balti/Shina Language)
  21. Dr. Rashid Hameed, DG PAL (Member/ Secretary)

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